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Course 4 - Day 1: Raising Queens​​​​​​​

  • THE BEE SCHOOL - Salem State University 352 Lafayette Street Salem, MA, 01970 United States (map)

Bee School Course 4: Making splits, NUCS, and Raising Queens Using Non-Grafting Techniques
2-Day Short Course - $50
July 8-9 2017 9:00 am - 3:30 pm


This mini-course teaches beekeepers two skill sets necessary in maintaining a sustainable apiary.

Skill Set 1: Making Increases Through Splits:
In this presentation beekeepers are taught how to increase the number of hives by splitting their existing hives into NUCS which can be later increased into a standard hive. Both walk away and queen introduced splits are discussed. Topics include necessary equipment, timing, split development, and NUC management.

SKILL Set 2: Queen Rearing Using Non Grafting Techniques
In this presentation beekeeper are taught how to raise queen honey bees employing non grafting techniques. All aspects of raising vibrant honey queens are examined including necessary equipment, timing, drone development, mating NUCS, queen banking, and queen introduction.

Course Structure: The course is divided into two distinctly separate sections:

Section 1: Black Birch Farm: West Newbury, MA
This classroom meeting details the equipment, procedures, and manipulations, necessary to execute the two skills sets

Section 2: Black Birch Farm: West Newbury, MA
Students will practice the procedures for making splits and raising queens in an active apiary (appropriate protective clothing is required).